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Double Layer Cup Is Not Equal To Thermos Water Bottle.

Double layer cup is not equal to thermos water bottle.I believe that many manufacturers of thermos water bottle will find out when communicating with customers that many people are not quite right about the concept and understanding of thermos water bottle. They think that as long as it is a double-layer cup, it can have the effect of heat preservation. Now I will explain to you what kind of water bottle is the thermos water bottle.The reason why the thermos water bottle is called the thermos water bottle is that it has the function of heat preservation. The principle is that the thermos water bottle uses the tailless vacuum technology to empty the air in the middle layer of the double-layer stainless steel thermos water bottle, which can delay the heat transfer, so that the thermos water bottle has the function of heat preservation.Generally, stainless steel, ceramics and other materials can be used for vacuumizing process, while double-layer plastic cup, outer plastic inner steel and outer steel inner plastic cup are not available. At present, the plastic thermos water bottles on the market only have the function of heat insulation, and their heat preservation function can only last for 2 to 3 hours at most. Their heat preservation effect is far less than that of vacuum heat preservation, and the lower the room temperature, the faster the heat loss.Therefore, although the plastic thermos water bottle can be insulated, the insulation time is only two or three hours, and the insulation effect of stainless steel and ceramic thermos water bottle is much stronger. Finally, I would like to remind you that if you want to buy a high-quality and good thermos water bottle, you are recommended to go to the regular mall supermarket or the e-commerce platform set up by the famous cup and pot brand enterprise.

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