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  • 26 Nov-2018
    Cleaning Tips For Water Cups 1. Salt Whether it's salt or coarse salt, it can help us get rid of the tea stains on the cups.
  • 26 Nov-2018
    The World's First Thermos Cup ​Sir James Doille, a Scot at Oxford University, invented the vacuum insulation cup in 1893.
  • 26 Nov-2018
    Craft Of Children's Pots 1, in the aspect of insulation to extend the Thermos Cup multi-layer vacuum to prevent heat conduction principle
  • 26 Nov-2018
    Plastic Water Cups Advantages And Disadvantages ​1: Advantages are light, not easy to break. 2: The disadvantage is that can not withstand too high temperature, high temperature is easy to decompose deformation.
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