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  • 25 Dec-2019
    Is High Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle Safe To Drink Water? People often ask if drinking water with a high borosilicate glass water bottle is poisonous? In fact, this is a misunderstanding that we are not familiar with high borosilicate gla
  • 23 Dec-2019
    Glass Water Bottle For Kids The baby is a gift from heaven. When the baby comes, every parent hopes to give the best to the baby. Whether it's for eating, wearing or using, mothers hope that the baby can eat
  • 20 Dec-2019
    Choose A High Quality Thermos Bottle As people's living standards are getting higher and higher, more and more people begin to pay attention to health preservation, and they begin to choose to drink boiled water or wa
  • 17 Dec-2019
    What Kind Of Baby Bottle Is The Safest? What kind of baby bottle is the safest? I don't think many people have a clear understanding of baby bottles. Many parents don't pay much attention to this aspect. Don't worry. Tod
  • 05 Dec-2019
    Is Double Wall Glass Water Bottle Insulated? Is double wall glass water bottle insulated? Double wall glass water bottle is a special glass water bottle divided into two layers when it is made. Many people ask if the double w
  • 02 Dec-2019
    Super Full Glass Water Bottle Shopping Guide Crystal clear glass water bottle has become everyone's love. But in the face of a wide range of glass products, how to choose? Common glass: ordinary glass water bottle, crystal gl
  • 27 Nov-2019
    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Double Wall Glass Water Bottle Speaking of the advantages and disadvantages of double wall glass water bottle, the material of double wall glass water bottle is generally made of high borosilicate glass, which i
  • 25 Nov-2019
    Is Plastic Water Bottle Safe? There are many kinds of materials and types of water bottles. Take plastic water bottles for example. I believe most people are familiar with them. In our life, most of the water b
  • 19 Nov-2019
    What Material Is The Plastic Water Bottle Made Of? What kind of material is used to make the plastic cup in our daily life? Is this material harmful to our body? There are so many plastic cups in our life.
  • 12 Nov-2019
    Three Wear Stages Of Double Wall Glass Water Bottle Three wear stages of double wall glass water bottle. When double wall glass water bottle is made, it is accompanied by wear, which exists in three stages: First stage: Due to th
  • 08 Nov-2019
    Cleaning Strategy Of Thermos Bottle Although there are many times about the information about "making tea with thermos bottle will reduce nutrition", but in real life, there are not a few who make tea with thermos bo
  • 11 Oct-2019
    Why Doesn't The Thermos Bottle Keep Warm? When the thermos bottle is heavily impacted, there may be a rupture between the shell and the vacuum layer. After the rupture, the air enters the interlayer, so the insulating perf
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